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Noasaurus is a small 2meter long Noasaurid, a subfamily of the abelisauroids. This family is a mysterious one, because little is know about them. Masiakasaurus belong to this family too. Noasaurus laeli means lizard from Noa, the place where he´s been found in South America. Once he was thought to be a dromaeosaurid, but he was too different so he got his own family, the Noasaurids. Noasaurus was a carnivore. Noasaurus was a fast hunter that could jump as well as seen in my picture. There is a similar picture in the internet, but mine is not based on it, I saw the one on the internet AFTER my one was finished.
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Wow that is very awesome!
BestTimes8812's avatar
Wow that is cool. There's so much detail!
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Cool! Was Noasaurus related to Arkosaurus? :chew: Drop on by and say hello to my little friends. Dinos and creatures, not guns!!! :D
Teratophoneus's avatar
what is an Arkosaurus ?
Algoroth's avatar
You're going to hate me for this: Noah-Saurus...ARK-o-saurus. :D
Teratophoneus's avatar
oh, I got it, hahahaha, thats funnny XD
Skull-Island-Master's avatar
das ist perfekt, so stell ich mir einen noasaurus vor. :D
Machst du auch einen Austrocheirus ?? Und einen Genusaurus ?? Sind auch zwei coole tiere.
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danke :)
die zwei mach ich noch irgndwann, aber momentan ist grad ein anderer abelisaurier in der fertigung : Ilokelesia .
ist doch auch was oder ? ;)
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Well done! though I would put the large claw on the first digit. I love seeing Noasaurs. Have you seen my now outdated reconstruction?
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thanks :)
actually i saw some new pictures with the killer claw on the middle digit, thats why i put it on the midde one.
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Most dinos had their big manual claw on the first (thumb) digit. Even sauropods.
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I read in an palaeontological magazine that came to the conclusion that the claw was on the first or the second digit. And not all theropods had the biggest claw on the first digit: Therizinosaurs for example had their biggest claw on the middle one. :)
EmperorDinobot's avatar
Therizinosaurs are maniraptoriformes. These are ceratosaurs.
Teratophoneus's avatar
yeah but you said most dinos, and therizinosaurs are dinosaurs.
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My favorite drawing of yours! The pose is so dynamic!
VeraStyracosaurus's avatar
Damn, it's like a terror kangaroo! 0_0
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