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Nemegtosaurus mongoliensis

Nemgtosaurus was an asian sauropod. His only remains was a complete skull,unusually for a sauropod, because mostly the head is missing.
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wow it practically looks real
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Interesting. The style is more serious and imposing than previously, I like that aspect. A few tips here - longer neck, smaller scales (in fact, forget the scales, most of them would be too small to see at this size), and get rid of the spines. They're complete fiction, even if they were credible they have only been found on diplodocids. And recently it turns out that the overhyped "spines" known from diplodocids (which mysteriously have never been photographed to my knowledge) are actually more like short pointy scutes, not long spines, and were so small as to be unnoticeable from a distance. Furthermore skin impressions from titanosaurs don't contain any spines, just armor scutes and small nodular dorsal scales.Also the palms of the hands look a bit too supinated, this is not a theropod.