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Monolophosaurus jiangi

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This is so far my best pic of monolophosaurus, the single crested lizard from china. The animal is a megalosauroid. It was 5-6 metres long , had huge teeth and powerful jaws. Monolophosaurus has a single crest on its head which may was coloured in brighty colours for attracting females. But it may also used it like cassowarys do forpushing plants to the sides when it walked for dense jungles. The fossils around the skeleton of monolophosaurus indicate it lived along riversides. Monolophosaurus was a carnivore and hunted multiple prey items. Monolophosaurus lived in the jurassic period.
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Cool, never even knew about this guy!
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we need people like you to bring these animals to life, I love dinosaurs but I can't drawn em near that good lol