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Metriacanthosaurus parkeri

Name: Metraicanthosaurus parkeri
Length: 8 metres
Weight: 1,5 tons
Family: Sinraptoridae
Diet: Meat
Place: England
Time Jurassic(lower oxfordian)

Originally a species of Megalosaurus, Metriacanthosaurus is know its own genus. The animal was one of the top predators of its time and a fierce hunter. It had a low sail or hump on its back, similar to acrocanthosaurus, but smaller. Its name means moderately spined lizard. Metriacanthosaurus is one of my favourite jurassic dinosaurs.
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Heh, this dino would be the perfect size for a mount. I want one.
Nice job. :)
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Beautiful! Love the skin texture. :D
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I thought that this dinosaur was a basal spinosaurid.