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Megapnosaurus kayentakatae

Megapnosaurus-kayentatakae, formerly known as syntarsus, was a 3 meter long, 15 kg coelophysid from the lower jurassic of Afrika and North America. Megapnosaurus had a small crest on its had. Megapnosaurus had sharp teeth and he was one of the first dnosaurs portrayed with feathers although the coelophysoids, which were among the first dinosaurs, probably lacked them. Two species are known, M.kayentatakae and M.rhodesiensis. His name means big, dead lizard.
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Suddenly, before the Megapnosaurus could claim the dragonfly, a Dracovenator leapt at him and chomped down on the smaller dinosaur's torso. He shook the three-meter theropod in his jaws until the smaller animal's flailing stopped. And he began to eat it.
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In case you haven't seen my multiple Megapnosaurus depictions, Megapnosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs. Amazig picture!
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i think the head expecially good:)
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Nice! I really like how the quills are placed. It really makes the pose looks more dynamic. Although, the dinosaur probably wasn't so buff. It was likely to be lean and thin like other Coelophysids. I think the reconstruction is really inaccurate, but the pose and drawing is superb.
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well,quils are most likely basal to dinosauria after all...
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maaybe, we dont know for sure. sauropods dont show signs of quills, its really strange. maybe they are really basal but some species lost them again ( like sauropods, most of Ornithoschia, allosaurids, ceratosaurids ) while others evolved true feathers out of thos quills.
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