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Luanchuanraptor henanensis

Here you have luanchuanraptor henanensis ,a chinese 1,5 metre lonf dromaeosaurid. It was described in 2007. I depicted it like a modern lyre bird. These birds are among the coolest bird of all in my opinion, they not only look beautiful, they can imitate everything they want, from other birds, to chainsaws, explosions, engines,alarm signals etc. I wondered if dromaeosaurs may could have done the same. As we dont know if all raptors had the same shape of tail feathers I made tail feathers based on modernbirds. Here a lyrebirs. This male luanchuanraptor has made a nest and now sings its mating song which is based on various sounds of other animals.
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So cool I like how you used the lyrebird feather design for a
Luanchuanraptor and could you do Eobaslileus or platybelodont next
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"Let me sing you the song of my people." xD

Das Konzept mit dem Schwanzfedern ist auf jeden Fall sehr interessant.
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ja ich find auch das beste an dem bild sind die federn und das nes. Wenn ich mir das ganzer jetzt so anschaue und die ganzern anatomischen fehler sehe(zu kurze zehen, der mittelfuß is zu dick) will ich wirklich noch einen malen :)
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Okay, ich muss sagen, die Fehler sind mir grad net aufgefallen ^^`
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'sings his song' Ha! I can't explain it, that just gave me a giggle. ^_^

Great piece.
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gab es den wirklich?
echt tolles bild!
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ja, er ist zwar ziemlich unbekannt, aber die gattung luanchuanraptor ist eine gültige gattung aus der familie der dromaeosauriden.:)
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Awesome job!

Who knows Raptors probably could copy other Dinosaur noises probably to help draw in their prey then the pack would ambush it.
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Why is it drizzling wit spit?
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because it looks cool:D
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