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Liliensternus is the biggest theropod of the triassic, and guess what, itcomes from Germany !

Liliensternus was first described as aspecies of halticosaurus in 1934 by Friedrich von Huene. !984 it was redescribed by Welles as a seperate genus, with the name L. liliensterni, honouring the german amateur palaeontologist Hugo Rhüle von Lilienstern who found the fossils.

As the biggest predatory dinsaur of its time, liliensternus was an apex predator. It hunted smaller dinosaurs probably as well as equaly big "prosauropods" like rhuleia and plateosaurus. The animal was very fast and agile

Liliensternus belongs to the coelophysoids and is thought to be the ancestor of the dilophosaurids. It is often depicted with a narrow crest on its head, similar to that of Dilophosaurus itself. As a coelophysoid,the animal was very lean and surprisingly light for its size, it is thought to have reached a weight of only 150 kg!
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one of my fav dinosaurs.