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Labocania anomala

Labocania,a supposed tyrannosaroid from mexico.
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awsome! Love the colouring on the head.;) 
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The beast from hollow mountain
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You've given this beast a very grizzled, almost nightmarish appearance that suits it well. Excellent work!
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Thanks I have alot of your art its fanastic love it keep up the good work.
I like how you have drawn the head, it looks just like I imagined it to look.

Labocania might still be either an Abelisaur or Carcharodontosaur. It seems to share some features with Shaochilong, for instance.
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omg this is awesome :wow:
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Mexico? Is he doing the hat dance?
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die farben sind wiedermal toll, die bewegungen auch! klasse! :)
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this guy needs more arework of him on DA xP
NICE work!!
he needs to be holding two Mirachas and wear a sumbraro and sing...

Daa lada dada da da dadaaa! Da ladada da da daa daa! Da la da la da laa daaaa!
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wow, thats a cool theropod :)
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thank you :D
It is a relatively old picture that I decided to overwork and colour it :)
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