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Kileskus aristotocus

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Heres the new kileskus, a proceratosaurid tyrannosaur from asia. Closely related to guanlong.
heres the old
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Almost reminds me of the Slashers from Terra Nova :)
Really love the design here - while I'm not too keen on the idea of fluffy chicken-sauruses, the details are astoundingly beautiful! :D
HellraptorStudios's avatar
Really great piece, i love how you manage to do the feathering so good :)
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Related to Dilophosaurus maybe?
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no, not even closely, its a proceratosaurid, a family of tyrannosauroids, they allhad crested heads, but they are much more derived than the primitive dilophosaurs,and they alsolived later :)
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Wow, ich fand ja schon deinen alten Kileskus super, aber der hier ist noch besser, wirklich gut gelungen. ^^
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Good to see remakes with improved style :) Who will be the next? Guanlong?
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thanks, the next one is stokesosaurus and a dryptosaurus is also already nearly finished
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Such a cool name, what does it mean? :D
Lovely work as always! Love the pattern here, reminds me of a cheetah or leopard.
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wait... ceratosaurs were tyrannosaurids? O.O
Teratophoneus's avatar
its not a ceratosaur
PeteriDish's avatar
so proceratosaurs have nothing to do with actual ceratosaurs?
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