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JP-Expanded Tyrannosaurus rex

Whats the best way to get the jp expanded series another try?-of course by continuing with the King of the dinosaurs, T rex. I announced months ago that I would do another t rex for my series and many of you have waited for this. Now,I finally did it and boy, does it looks awesome, its I think one of my best pictures yet.

Name: Tyrannosaurus rex
Meaning: Tyrant Lizard King
Codename: Several : "Thrasher" , "Crusher", "King"
Lengh: up to 13 metres
weight: up to 6 tons
Diet: Flesh
Period: Late cretaceous
Agressiveness: 100%-EXTREMELY AGRESSIVE!
Dangerousness: 100%-EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!

Tyrannosaurus was one of the first bred dinosaurs. Naturally, John Hammond wated the biggest attraction of the park first. It turned out however that cloning a rex wasnt easy. Not only did it take long to find the dna of a rex, but it also turned out that they are very difficult to breed. Many embryos died before hatching. It turned out that a certain temperature was needed for succesful hatching. After that problem was solved, cloning of a rex could begin. Fortunately for the parks genetics, the dna sequences were relaively well preserved as inGen scientists and palaeontologists found several mosquitos with its dna. But one the breeding had started, the rexes turned out to cause very big problems. This was already foreseen by many of the parks investors etc and they wanted to start with less dangerous animals to see how it would turn out. But hammond wanted a t rex as soon as possible. So it became that t rex was the second theropod cloned by inGen (after the notorius metriacanthosaurus). As youngs, they were cute little critters, it was even reported that Robert Muldoon had a soft spot for the young t-rexes and some of the youngsters were reported to have followed him wherever he walked. this led inGen scientists believe that they behaved like modern ducklings. Once they grew biggger however, trouble started. Even at only 4 metres , the young rexes possesed an incredible strong and vicious bite as one keeper had to find out. He was severly mauled by a young rex after cornering it for transport for medical treatment. The rexes grew rapidly and established themselves as the most feared predators among the keppers until Megalosaurus arrived.It was reported that the 3 rexes that were first bred, broke out all together 5 times. Even the high voltage fences couldnt stop them. They had a voracoius appetite and would quickly become stressed when food was scarce. As adults, almost no keeper wanted to go into the paddock of the rexes on Isla Sorna and also on Isla Nublar, few were able to care for the single rex brought into the park. The Nublar rex was a female. All in all, T rex has caused the most deaths among all jp dinosaurs,the bodycounts counts 42 victims with 115 wounded. A great number of these were caused because of the Isla Sorna incidents and the san diego incident. Rexes have an incredible sense of smell and they have good vision. The yalso hear very well. According to sarah harding and other members of the Isla Sorna expedition team, t rex care for their youngs very well, even travelling long distances to find a lost young.
T rex has reportedly beeing described as the most powerful predator cloned by jurassic park. Its bite pressure exceed 3 tons and is powerful enough to crush even thick bones(or whole cars). A rex will protect its territory from every intruder, even bigger theropods like spinosaurus and the rare carcharodontosaurus. T rex also uses its massive head to ram opponents. Although on Isla Sorna they are mostly found inlands, they seem to stalk the rivers and sometimes the shore as well. On Isla Nublar it was reported that the sole t rex was reportedly seen at the aboanded docks after the A female usually doesnt lay more than 3 eggs,both parents care for the youngs. The females are bigger than the males. males are also more brightly shaped, while females remain brown. A colour morph in more orange and blueish grey tones also exists. Why is unknown, it has been suggested that the incomplete dna or environment changes are the reason for that. T rexhas a very diszinctive roar that can be heard fom miles away. On isla Sorna, the yhave adapted to hunt in the thicker forests. Although able to run very fast, they can uphold that speed only for a short time. Still, they can catch up to jeeps as reported by survivors of the 1993 incident. The long banan like teeth are ideal for crushing bones and t rex is on top of the foodchain on Isla Sorna and site c where t rex is also present. For the 2013 park which will open its dors in june , 2 t rexes are present in a big paddock. Due to its agressive nature and unpredictable behaviour, he keepers are speacially trained to handle these giant predators. Almost nothing can stop them, they have reportedly broke through restraining gear and for the new park ,a level 3 fence(the highest level) has been placed around the paddock. I is though that t rex is the main attraction of the new park and several observation points are placed arounf the paddock.

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Great job!! I made a comic book page involving a T-Rex, check it out:
Jurassic Fantasy (colour)
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I thought the T-Rex had a Bite force of 7 tons not 3(but I may be wrong)
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This is my favorite dinosaur.
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I love the pic and the description, makes me wonder if you pillaged some secret Universal Studios documents, Mr. Monster Murderer (that is what your name is translated from Greek to English, but you probably already know this.). LOL laugh and point
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damn i can't get this laugh and point thing to pop up
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well,i think that rexes may stay together as a big family up to twenties,still,it's a very nice drawing my friend,scary and beautiful!
t-rex is amazing,it's age and grow rate are very similar to humans;the one thing i was allways asking my self is,how many utahraptor (11 meter!) was necessary to scare a t-rex?
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Actually a rex lives around 30-40 years humans live 80-100 years and I do think they live in packs but I think 1 alpha male 2-3 females possibly a harem 2-3 subordinate males and the alpha males offspring. 
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well,let's just say that t-rexes can't live long cause,well,mostly injuries,and about beign families,i don't know,the best strategie is,in fact,beign a family,like the father,the mother,and sometimes,the older sibling if they don't get too far!
eh,about human age,it's indefinated,i mean,there's recorded humans lived up to 1200 years,and some barely over 50,humans are the only creature to die cause of age!
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1200 years!!! Jesus, I assume you mean 120 years
t-aj's avatar
no,i'm serious,there were once a time humans can live more than a milenia,and,well,human race had lost both it's longevity and size,trust me,i know......
why human skeletons were rare?well,humans burried their dead since the age of time,since the first human killed,that's why it's extremely rare to find humans from before the last million year or years,i guess!
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Yeah I have seen videos saying that, pretty cool
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i guess,but it's in our instinct to bury the dead,crows bury their dead,elephants cover corpses with leaves even human corpses,i guess this is something not only humans have,but the smartest animals too...
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Excellent work! Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't trex supposed to weigh up to 7-8 tons, just to be more accurate.
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Looks like you got the biography of the Tyrannosaurus rex right, and I like the way how you drew that too.
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Hope this guy makes an appearance in JP4.
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They also used T-Rex as its codename.
Not to confused with the species name T.rex however.
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Loving your new, extreme perspective size.
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My friend you improved a lot! I really like this! You will make spinosaurus?
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thanks mate, I will do spinosaurus at some point, but I want it to be a little more accurate, I also have a good story how the one seen in jp 3 differs so much from the real animal...
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