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JP-Expanded Troodon

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I just wanted to make one of these, because I like troodon, and after seeing it in the jp game ( where it has some nice features, but the posture and the teeth look just awful in my opinion. Therefore, the behaviour and the big eyes are a great concept). To make it look accurate while still following the "canon" of Jurassic Park, I gave my troodon feathers (in the game it had them too but too few) , gave it normal teeth and made the eyes not THAT big like in the game. Therefore I used the same colour scheme and the reflecting eyes . That gives a more or less canonical, but also scinetific accurate animal

Name: Troodon formosus
Codename: "Ghost"
Length: 2,5 normal, 4 metres (alaskan troodon)
Period: Late cretaceous
Meaning: Wounding tooth
Agressiveness: 90 % VERY AGGRESSIVE
Dangerousness: 100% EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !!!

Troodon is a small carnivorous dinosaur that was cloned early by inGen but was long kept as a secret. Troodons were present in the first park and in relatively large numbers. inGen files about this dinosaur were long kept as a secret and the scientists were excited about this carnivore. Of all dinosaurs that were cloned by inGen, Troodon has the bigest intelligence. Troodons seem to hunt in packs .These packs can contain over 20 animals. Trodon is a completely night active animal. It is very rarely seen in daylight and even then only in shaded areas. It has huge eyes, perfect for seeing in the dark. A membrane like the membrane in cats eyes allowsit to catch even the most pale rests of light in the dark and when light shines at their eyes, they shine a ghostly white/ yellow. Thats why his codename is "ghost" Trooons communicate with each other using a variety of klicking and hissing sounds that can nbe heard in the dark very often. Troodons are not only intelligent and have excellent nicht vison, they aree also fast and efficient hunters. Troodon has sharp teeth and a sickle claw on its second toe that is used for restraining its prey to the ground. According to inGen files, troodons prefer small prey, but in a pack they also attack bigger animals. inGen files also stated that Troodon likes hilly areas or mountain areas with big caves where they can hide during the day. Packs are led by a big male. According to the files and reports from isla sorna where troodons are common , Troodons leave their caves when night falls and go from their mountain caves into the dense jungle to hunt. They stalk their prey, using their big eyes and excellent sense of hearing. InGens cientists found out that Troodon has excellent eye sight and hearing, but a quite underdeveloped sense of smell. Troodons are warmblooded and hunt every night. They care for their young and the whole pack protects the youngsters from dangers. At first troodon was set to be included in the first park, but they were kept in aspecial enclosure that was not on the park list . The reason for that was the probably most gruesome incident that was recorded by inGen : A year before the 1993 incident, one of the Troodons keppers went missing. The pthr keepers and safety personal searched him but couldnt find him in the paddock or the cave the troodon pakc was supposed to sleep. It was not after they found a second cave in the enclosure 3 days later that they found out what happened to the keeper. He was found in a nest area, half covered with farn leaves. His body was found severely mauled , with his chest being ripped open. But the most gruesome fact was that inside his chest, Troodon eggs were found. It seems like the adults hunted the keeper, dragged him into the cave and laid their eggs inside the torso. It is thought that this behaviour comes from their originaly habitat. Troodn lived in north america, some o this areas were seasonally cold. inGen concluded that the troodons hide their eggs in the corpses of victims to keep them warm. Not only did they lay their eggs inside him, it also seems that the hatchlings ate the flesh around the place where the eggs laid. More than that, a secod corps that of a goat was found in the same nest, showing the same thing. Reports of this incident said that the goat was still alive, as if it was paralyzed. Although this report was not classified by inGen , it seems that inGen made research about what killed the keeper exactly and if troodon uses some sort of poison. The results of this are still kept secret. If troodon is venoumnos this would mean that it is one of only 3 dinosaurs cloned by inGen that use venom, the other two being sinornithosaurus, which uses a for humans (normally) non-leathal venom and the dilophosaurus venenifer, a species of dilophosaurus, cloned by inGEN( inGens latest researches might indicate thatD.venenifer is actuallya small subspecies of D.sinensis), that uses a thick black venom to blind its prey. Troodons are present on Isla Srna and newer research also found out that they still are present on Isla Nublar, as well as mayn other dinosaurs. According to this, troodons are found nin the dark cellars and in the gangways of the supply buildings of Isla Nublar. On Isla sorna, they also live in the abonded supply and control buildings. During the night they come out of he buildings to hunt. Troodons are coloured grey, with a dark grey to blakc back and a red belly. Their arms and tail feathers are whitish grey with black stripes. In the night, the sounds of troodon can be heard from many places, as they are quite commo, but still rarely seen due to their beahviour of being night active and also, research time try to avoid these predators because of their agressiveness and their potentially venomnousness. Researchers described that when beeing near a troodon pakc you can hear an increasing rate of sounds, which sounds like an echo as the clicking and hissing saounds are prodced by seral animals. It was stated that if encountering a pack, yo are not able to directly see the animals sa the sounds seem to come from everywhere. Only with a nightvison gadget you are able to see it during night. However,, reaseach also shows that you can protect yourself from troodon by never going alone in the dark and by carrying a strong light source wth you, as Troodons dont like bright light.
Unclassified reports also speak from much bigger troodon specimens, found together with the smaller ones, these being up to 4metres long and being coloured almost completely black. It is supposed that this rarely seen animals are the alaskan troodons, which are known from fossils to reach the size described by these reports. However inGen hasnt made a statement about that.
It also seems that troodons try to avoid Dilophosaurus venenifer and also dilophosaurs avoid troodons. It seems that these animals try to avoid competition with each other.
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Awesome art, my favorite art from you!
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I love this 
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WOHOHO Wow!!!! This looks total badass!
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From the looks of that guy, I'd say her eggs hatched.
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This is awesome! If trio don was brought back to life, I would so love to see this as their apperiemce and behavior.
I really like this one... as a T, Formosus, but the troodon in JP the game is Not a formosus. It's a Troodon Pectinidon. I don't think it is a real dinosaur, but that's it's name in the game! and Stenonychosaurus could have been a bit smarter.
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youre right t. pectinodon never existed and thats why i simply did him as t. formosus.
And stenonychosaurus is actually troodon :)
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Well it deviates enough for the real deal to be a new species , remember these are ersatz dinosaurs(and frog DNA was only in a couple of species,not all)
Yeah, sorry. I knew that :-P Didn't think of it at the time -_-
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Very nicely creepy and natural at the same time. I wish that they'd gone a bit closer to this in the game but oh well. This actually inspired me to have a go at the species
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Feathers aren't scary pssh tis proof
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Btw I meant this disproves the idea feathers are not scary.
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YEAH! Looks way better then the one from the game!
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As frightening in behavior as they were, the JP:TOG Troodons still looked rather goofy with their frog-like eyes and faces (I blame most of JP's dino inaccuracies on InGen's use of frog DNA instead of, say, bird or crocodile DNA). But your fantastic rendition, having both animal realism and movie monster scariness, has made up for the game's inaccuracies in full. :D
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Wundervolle Arbeit! Einen cooleren Troodon kann ich mir nicht vorstellen! :D
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dude your amazing =]
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I made a troodon from game, but man, your troodon is MEGACOOOOOOLLLLL
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thak you. I like the scales of your troodon :)
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That is so awesome!
Beautifully done!
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thank you very nuch :D
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