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Name: Koolasuchus cleelandi
Codename: "Hellbender"
lenght: up to 5 metres
Meaning: Kool´s crocodile
Place: Australia
Period: Lower cretaceous
Agressiveness: 25% Harmless
Dangerousness: 50% Can be dangerous

Koolasuchus is a huge amphibian that is going to be featured in the reptile house of the second islnad. Koolasuchus is a huge creature with a big head full of sharp teeth. The animal has short legs, so it isnt very agile on land, tough it is sometimes sitting on the riverbanks in its cage. Here it slides back into the water ( you cant see it because I made the water so fade that the scanner couldnt show it on the scanned image. Koolasuchus preys up on big fish and everything else that fits in its mouth. 5 individuals have been bred so far. The animal is coloured brown with some dark brown stripes running horizontal to its body. It might be slow and lumbering on land but in water its a fast huneter. It lurks in the shallow murky waters as well in cleaner water like a crocodile, ambushing its prey with a surprising attack. The animal can swim fast using its powerful tail. They lay eggs in the water and after 1 month the young larva hatch. Like all amphibians they go through a metamorphosis before becoming adults. It was found ou by inGen scientists that Koolasuchus isnt very agressive to humans. Also their eyesight isnt very good. They rely on their good sense of hearing and smelling for catching prey. However the animal can be dangerous as an adult as it eats anything that fits in its mouth. One keeper was attacked and dragged into the water, he nearly drowned but could wrestle himself free. Although humans arent fitting into their prey item schema normally, they are big enough to eat one ! But normally they are peaceful animals. As an amphibian, its needs to kepp its body wet , thats why it never leaves its pond or river too long. Koolasuchus females are muc hbigger than males. They lay their eggs in spring. For a succesful mating, it is neccescary to put them into a kind of hybernation for 1 month. This is most likely because it is an adaptation to its austrlian environment it lived. In cretaceous australia, the temperatures fell down in the winter months. To give them an realistic environment in the reptile house, the temperature in the koolasuchus cage can be settled down a bit to the temperature as it was in the winter of cretaceous australia. Koolasuchus are fed one time ina week with big fish in their cage on the island they are bred and it is planned to put fish into the river/pond in the reptile house sothey can eat whenever they want. Koolasuchus prefers living prey although it accepts dead animasl too. The reptile house will feature a tunnel from the koolasuchus cage to a panorama river that runs through the reptile house. A bridge runs over this small panorama river which is 3 metres across. Visitors can walk acroos this bridge. The koolasuchus are able to swim through the tunnes and into the panorama river and visitors can see them from above. As it wouldnt survie on the 5 island because those island havent got a cold area that they need to reproduce they were bred under the sb program and so they wont be seen on one o the islands and only in the 2013 park. As it looks a lot like a hellbender, Koolasuchus´codename is "Hellbender".
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hope to see more prehistoric amphibians from you :)