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JP-Expanded Peteinosaurus



Name: Peteinosaurus
Codename: InGen files show no codename for this animal
Wingspan: 60 cm
Diet: Insects
Agressiveness: 10 %-harmless
Dangerousness:3 %- not dangerous

Peteinosaurus is one of inGens earliest clonded pterosaurs, together with the related dimorphodon. These little guys  belong to the smalles memebers of the pterosaur family and were very popular among the keepers who liked the easy handling of these animals. Due to theri non aggressive nature , keepers found it very easy to control and handle these pteroasurs as they rarely caused any trouble. They were alos reportedly very easy to feed, eating almost every kind of insect that fits into their small toothy mouth. Files show that these animal rarely bit, except when they were cornered or treated harshly. They were alos quite intelligent, apparently recognizing the keepers who fed them and also becoming used to gettin touched by them. It is one of very few known cases of peaceful intereactions between the cloned animals of inGen and their keepers. Although pterosaurs, peteinosaurus arent as good at flying as ther higher developed cousins like pteranodon . They have comparatívely short wings and use constant flapping instead of gliding for longer periods. Their flying behaviour has been described as "primitive and not as elegant" as the later pterosaurs. In the wild, peteinosaurus apparently has become increasingly rare, possibly to interactions with higher developed pterosaurs, However, they are abundant in dry areas as they dont need lots of water. The population has been described as stable but decreasing. InGen apparently has a close eye on the population and rumors of a breeding program have been heard in case the population becomes ever more smaller. Peteinosaurus has very good eyesight and is easily recognizable by its very colourful coloration, especially on the wings and head.  Keepers sometimes reffered to them as the parrots among the pterosaurs. Although eating almost any insect, they seem to enjoy dragonflies the most. These animals are present on all of the 5 islands except isla sorna and apparently they are no longer present on Nublar as well.
The new park  is set to include a whole group of these animals. Peteinosaurus is a sem-social animal, while they are not forming structured groups, they arent territorial like other pterosaurs are and it has been reported that groups of peteinosaurus hunt together, however it is specuated that this occureneces occur by accident rather than beeing actively coordinated. Peteinosaurus females lay usually 3 eggs and the males dont take care of these eggs, this is only done by the female.
Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
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