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JP Expanded Herrerasaurus

Name: Herrerasaurus ischigualestensis
Codename: Stalker
length: 4 metres
period: Triassic
Agressiveness: 99%-Extremely agressive
Dangerousness: 99% extremely dangerous

This triassic predator was one of many dinosaurs that was bred from amber found in south america. It was among the animal that were set tobe included on Isla Nublar and they were already there but not a part of the tour and cautiously kept as a secret due to severe problems with controlling these animals. Herrrersaurus is an unusually powerful animal for its size and has a very vicious bite that often causes infectrions. The animal attacka almost everything that fits in its mouth and they dont hesitate attacking prey bigger than them. Herrerasaurus males are smaller than females and more dominant yet not as territorialthan lone males can be. Herrerasaurus usually lives in small groups consisting of no more than 6 animals. Older males often live solitary. Herrerasaurus is a cunning predator and is often lying in ambush to surprise its prey. Its brightly coloured in red with dark brown tripes all over its body. Because of their tremendous power and feroucious behaviour these animal were feared by keepers and they were responsible for 3 kills. 7 individuals were bred for nublar. On Sorna, they proofed to be very prone to infectious deseases, their strong immune systrem however could deal with most of these diseases unlike many other dinosaurs. During the 1993 incident , the whole group of herrerasaurus were running loose of their secret cage and they went over to stalking the parks rollercoaster hunting for prey. Later research showed that these animals have made their home in the vast control centre in which ellie sattler tried to make the parks electro system function again. They have very good nightvision and research has shown that they have learned to recognisye the different gangways and where they lead. Thesea nimals need to eat a lot to keep their warm blooded body active andtherefore hunt very often andin groupd, they mostly eat plant eaters but also attack smaller carnivores and are known to even steal prey from raptors. It seems however,that these 2 animals usually try to avoid each other. Not only does herrereasaurus has sharp teeth but also very big claws andpowerful arms. They can also leap very well and can obtain speeds of 40 km/h over very long distances. Despite this, they are ambush predators, lying in wait to surprise a victim andthen hunt them down in a short and if neccessary long run utnil the victim is tired. Their teeth are serrated and some keepers have been bitten and describ it as extremely painful. A female lays 3 eggs during the sommer and cares for its youngs over a year. They arent present on Isla Sorna anymore but on side d they can be found and a small population is present on isla nublar.
Jurassic Park (C) Universal pictures
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All very very nice! I think this may be my favourite work of yours!
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One of the first dinosaurs in Earth's history. Neat!
MatoosaurusRex's avatar
After seeing ur art I'm going to draw my art by hand :D
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this is very good.
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Are you planning on making anymore JP Expanded Dinosaurs?
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Because you do such GREAT pictures, I was wondering how you make them?

Do you draw them by hand? (If so you are a beast at drawing) Or do you use a program?
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no no i dont use any programs i only draw my pics by hand :)
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Well then you are the best artist I have ever seen. ;)
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awww, thanks thats very nice nice to hear :D
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Amazing dino drawing once again :D
Excellent coloring and shading here, it looks like it's about to walk off the page and bite someone's face off.
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 Thanks  man, thats what i´m trying to do, make them look like that :D
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a long time ago, I used to have a dinosaur encyclopedia. My favorite part of that book just happens to have been about Herrerasaurus.
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It is interesting that the Herrerasaurs in the game had the same roars of the Primeval season 4 and 5 raptors
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 Nice to see Telltale's colors.
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picture doesn't load... :(
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4 km/h ? I get it walking XD
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oops, forgot to put a zero behind that lol
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sorry, I was just kidding
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One of my favorite dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park game.
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