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NAme: Fruitadens haagarorum
Codename: "Rattleback"
Period late jurassic
Length: 0,75 metres
Agressiveness: Females 5%-harmless, males up to 20% - harmless,but will bite if provoked.
DAngerousness: 15% (males)

Fruitadens is a small dinosaur that was bred by inGen almost by accident, as the dna of fruitadens was extracted with the dna of another dinosaur. These critters which belong to theheterodontids are among the smallest dinosaur in Jurassic park. Keepers love these dinosaurs as they are small, harmless and adorable. They will be part of the petting zoo in the 2013 park where a big enclosure is built for them that visitors can go in. The manager described is as a little bit like a farm, the area is filled with rocks and holes as well as plants and waterholes. This is because fruitadens loves it to sleep in small caves to escape the heat. Fruitadnes live in groups that are led by a male and so there will be 10 individuals in the zoo. Additional to these ten individuals, mre fruitadens will walk semi free in the park. Fruitadens are normally harmless but the males shw a bigger rate of agressiveness during mating time when fight among males arent uncommon. They have big sharp teeth that can hurt a human as 2 kepers had found out...
But before an attack fruitadens shows a behaviour that brought him in its strange codename: LArge hollow quills are set on the back on the animal, if provoked the quills stand uo and the animals shakes its back, resulting in a rattling noise. Additionally, the animal hisses loudly. If visitors should encounter this behaviour they should keep their distance. Fruitadens seasonally sheds its quills and new ones grow on its back to replace damaged or old ones. The shed quills are sold in our parks giftshop. Fruitadens are mainly plant eater but from time to time they snatch after insect as well. In the wild, Fruitadens are present in on all islands filled with dinosaurs. They prefer either dry areas with caves or forest areas with big hollow tree trunks where they can hide as well. Young fruitadens will be protected by the mother and the father, mostly the youngsters stay in the nest that is built up in a cave.Fruitadens´colour is brown with dark brown spots on it, the hands and feet are grey.
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