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Indosuchus raptorius

Indosuchus raptorius, meaning indian crocodile, was relatively big, Abelisaurid from India. It was 6-7 metres long, and weight up to 2 tons. It had alonger skull than other Abelisaurids and was described by Huene and Matleyi in 1933. Indosuchus was one of the biggest indian meat eaters of its time and hunted mid sized dinosaurs , in packs he maybe attackedeven sauropods. However its not proofed that abelisaurids hunted in packs, though some experts think so. Indosaurus lived during the late cretaceous. Only few parts of his skeleton were found so experts first thought it was a Tyrannosaurid, but its nowadays considered to be a Abelisaurid. Indosuchus lived together with Indosaurus , another big Abelisaurid from the same region- some experts think they are the same species. On my picture, Indosuchus is shown eating a small sauropod he killed. In the middle right corner, you can see a small Jubbulpuria, a liitle meat eater , waiting for the remains of the carcass.
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I don't get why they would name have it's name meaning indian crocodile when it was a theropod. Don't you think a name like Indosaurus would of been more suitable? Still nice job.
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Maybe it was mistooken for an croc when it was found, and later they realized it was a theropod, but the name stayed.
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actually, indosaurus is aname for another theropod, its an abelisaurid too and it lived in india. I dont know why its called indian crocodile, but it sounds much cooler.
thanks :)
The guy that named Indosuchus thought dinosaurs were closer to crocs than to lizards, and thought the name dinosaur was a misnomer. He was right.
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Oh and you're welcome.
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