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Iliosuchus incognitus



Iliosuchus might represents the first tyrannosaur. This small "crocodile hipped" carnivore is known from an ilium bone of the bathonian stage of England. It was small,estimated to be around 1,5 metres long. The genus is dubius and it isnt known if it truely is a tyrannosaur, but this has been suggested by some experts. Iliosuchus is not well known but I know this genus now for several years and now I finally drew it.
You maybe notice that I havent made a scale figure that I usually do for my size comparisons, thats because:
1: My ink pen which I use to colour those scale figures is nearly empty and I have to buy new ink to refill it.
2: I was just to lazy at the moment to make one XD

Next one I think will be an embasaurus,a genus I have drawn before ,but I want to make another one.
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Lovely! I like how you did the proto-feathers!