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Ichthyovenator laosensis

Ichthyovenator, a spinosaurid with 2 sails on its back. I couldnt find the precise location of the fossil site, so the red square is quite big . The fossils were found in the red marked region. Ichthyovenator, meaning fish hunter, is a baryonychid spinosaur. It was probably averaged size for a spinosaurid. he skeleton was incomplete.
There is also a conspiracy going on, that it may was a LEGO dinosaur with Concavenator[link] XD
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I think that this is a pretty cool looking restoration.
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Looks like a 2 legged Basilisk lizard
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wow. this is just really awesome. both the detail, and pose.

But if the skeleton was incomplete, how do they know it wasn't missing vertebrae? Food for thought, i suppose.
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I dont know it either, Iassume if hey were broken off they would show breaks marks or sth like that, but it seems that there werent any
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According to the Paleobiology Database, it was found just about where the lower left corner of your red square is.
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Mickey Mortimer thinks it may be a carnosaur.
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It's for Trolls to ride them as mounts!

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Yep, crazy comments are my speciality.:D
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