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Ichthyovenator laosensis

Meet the latest spinosaurid on the block- Ichthyovenator! Its name means fish hunter due to its style of life. The animal was a baryonychid with an unique feature: a double sail!. The first and bigger one was on its back, the other one on its hips. Ichthyovenator was closely related to baryonyx but lived in Asia. It was described in 2012.
This is the third one on DA but it is the first one in a size comparison hahahahahaha,
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Brings joy to my soul every time I see an illustration of a theropod without feathers (and thus accurate :D)

Great work! I didn't know there were so many known Spinosaurids until recently :)
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was its total length 9 meters?
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Awesome, I think some sailfish have split sails.
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That's so interesting! Now the Spinosauroids have an "odd one out" too! :D
Like the short-necked saurapod or long-necked stegasauroid whose names I never seem to remember :3
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you mean Brachytrachelopan and miragaia :)
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And I would've been right if I typed Miragaia :XD:
But yes, that's what i meant, thanks for jogging my memory :)
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Wow, a double sail; never seen that before!
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Interesting. I wonder what the purpose of the split sail could have been?
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Make it easier for the male to mount the female? :lol:
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That's one possibility. Another is that the elimination of a semi-rigid sail of bone and skin might improve mobility.
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exactly my thoughts =D
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Its from late cretaceous¿
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Its from late cretaceous¿
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no,early cretaceous
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The double-sail seems rather iffy to me. It almost looks as though that segment of the sail could have "gone missing" or something, thus appearing like there is a dip in the vertebrae height. Coincidentally around the same area Concavenator's hump dips, just over the hip structure. I wonder if that is a weak area that doesn't preserve extended vertebrae well rather than an actual anatomical characteristic.

But what do I know?
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I would hope that the paleontologists responsible for classifying this species and drawing the conclusion about the split sail would not have made that conclusion if the vertebrae over the hips were not complete enough to be sure.

With regards to the strength of the area, the vertebrae near the hips tend to be stronger (and thus, likelier to be preserved) than those in the tail, because they are some of the thickest and heaviest vertebrae.
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These dinosaurs just keep getting more and more bizarre.
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love the art. but how do you know that there's two sails? could it just be a single sail with a broken vertebra? :o
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I thought of that too. But there arent any photos of the holotype, so I cant say for sure.
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there should be a paratype to support the new specie claim... but yeah, i cant find the paper either. maybe it'll surface up in a later date.
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