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Histriasaurus boscarolli

Back in 2011 I did the first ever life reconstruction of Histriasaurus… a genus of rebbachisaurid from croatia. This is pretty sad since the animal was described in´98 and seemingly nobody bothered to reconstruct it. Despite that I knew the animal since 2006, as the name was briefly described in a book I had, described as a sauropod with a sail on its back which fascinated me. Of course I didnt know that it wasnt a huge ass sail like in spinosaurus back then but nowaday we know that it most likely was some sort of hump. rebbachisaurids like histriasaurus had elongated neural spines giving it this hunched appearence.Histriasaurus is a basal member of the family. Living in the early late cretaceous, Rebbachisaurids were the last descendants of the diplodocoids.
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May 4, 2021, 2:51:58 AM
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Incredible detail work, as on all of your pieces. I was wondering why many sauropods lately have been depicted with the spikes on the top and bottom of their tail tips, as you drew here? Is this based on a new finding? I've been seeing it a lot in the past few years but I can't find anything about it.

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neither do I. I just do it because everyone else is doing it :/

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Ah okay. Hopefully we'll find out someday. : P

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