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Helicoprion bessonovi

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helicoprion the famous whorltooth shark. Up to 7,5 metres long, this eugenodontid barely made the list.  It still completely unknown how exactly this fish looked but it may have looked like here.  If it had proportions like here it was probably just as big as shown here but if it had proportions more like a chimaera fish it was probably longer.
Skin pattern based on this pic cdn.zmescience.com/wp-content/…
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KaprosuchusDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
hey the gamingbeaver used your art without credit in his video www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovSMeH…
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Looks like it's trying to split the guy's head in half
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transpaleoartistHobbyist General Artist
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nature: Lets put a great white and a circular saw together, what could go wrong?
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Weird, when I first heard of this guy I thought he would be quite small. I could not have been more wrong, this guy is a monster!
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Another slamdunk in awesome in the shark series you have going on in conjunction with the giant crocs and tyrannosaurids!
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks really awesome, fantastic job!
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X-StreamChaosHobbyist Traditional Artist
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I thought it was larger.
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randomdinosHobbyist Traditional Artist
''Parahelicoprion'' is a lot larger, but AFAIK it's a fictional species.
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Okay... :iconacepredator: told me that the idea with Parahelicoprion being around 30 meters is debunked now...
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randomdinosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, I thought it was a fictional 30-meter shark made for the game The Stomping Land.

Well, at least the ''fictional 30-meter'' part was right, if it's not that big.
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the 30 meter size is fictional the animal is real from what I know. I see 10-12 meters ussauly.
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ZaphkiellaneHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome I was hoping this one would make the list.
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GwyndorHobbyist Traditional Artist
My favourite shark! :D
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Eugenodont, needs chimera-like gills. But it was a pursuit hunter so did have a robust body like this.
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thanks for the hint, will overwork it when the whole size chart comes out
I wanted to do parahelicoprion next but its difficult to find any size estimates, i know it was once thought to reach 30 metres in lenght, cnsidering it had an eel like body which is now unlikely. Do you think 12 metre or around that would be possible for parahelicoprion? Its teeth certainly suggest an animal of epic proportions but parahelicoprion as far as i know had extremely large teeth in comparison to its whole body.
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12m is reasonable for Parahelicoprion provided it was proportioned as it's relative.

The eel-like shape was speculated due to it being a holocephalian but eugenodonts were shark-shaped.
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one last question, do you think that its body shape was more like the one here fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/i/201…
or more like a "normal" shark and did it lack the fins on  its back like in this pciture
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Similar to a shark, but with a gill pump rather than gill slits.
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SaberrexHobbyist General Artist
Well, no one's exactly sure how big Helicoprion could get.
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well thats true, this only is a rough estimate based up on the latest studies
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