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Guidraco venator

Guidraco, a big pterosaur from china.
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By far one of the coolest looking pterosaurs. 
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How big is this pterosaur's wingspan estimated to be approximately? And how is its name pronounced? Thanks.
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This thing seems like it's fallen into obscurity.
Is this the pterosaur they called "Ghost Dragon"? Very good work.
Teratophoneus's avatar
yes it is, and thanks :)
No problem. It seems as though we do indeed have the same goal of drawing every species of dinosaur. I don't think my drawings are as good as yours. I can never figure out how to do the designs of the markings whilst doing the scales. It always ends up smudging.
FluffySpiderz's avatar
Yuss, and my personal favorite pterosaur
Hyrotrioskjan's avatar
Sehr schön geworden =)
Hast du mal überlegt Moganopterus zu zeichnen, von dem gibt's noch eine gute Ganzkörperrekonstruktion (die von HodariNundo [link] hat einfach einen viel zu kurzen Hals)
Teratophoneus's avatar
lustig, hatte schon darüber nachgedacht, wenn ich gutes referenzmaterial finde werd ichs definitiv mal versuchen :)
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splendid! do you think you could do a dorsal view of the whole pterosaur? =) That would mean the world to me! =)
Teratophoneus's avatar
hmm, I am not very experienced in making pterosaurs while flying , but maybe I can find some time to try it,but I cant promise :)
PeteriDish's avatar
that's good with me, either way, thank you! =)
sorry to be a pain in the ass XD
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Really cool work on this one, love the teeth! :D
Teratophoneus's avatar
thank you, I also think they turned out very nice :D
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