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Giganotosaurus carolinii

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Giganotosaurus the giant southern lizard was one of the biggest theropods. It lived in sout america during the cretaceous and was among the top predators of its time.
Based on scott hartmans reconstruction [link]
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KillosaurHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a really cool drawing very detailed :D (Big Grin) 
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CubeTron23Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, I was just thinking that maybe you could do a 1.8 meter person, instead of a 2 meter. Everything seem to look small.
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Good work, but Giganotosaurus was 13.2 metres long.
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Is it your picture? If so will you please give me the permission to use it in my book?
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Awesome! Giganotosaurus has really grown up to 14 meters? I thought the maximum was 13 meters.
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~ 14 meters is completely feasible. Holotype measured 12.2-13 meters, then the largest specimen was 6.5% larger which is equal to ~ 14 meters.
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I heard it was 13 meters for the larger specimen,but that could be from the wrong sources.
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I don't think it is as robust as your draw
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it probably was that robust. Follow the link in my description and you´llcome across scott hartmans skeletal reconstruction of Giganotosaurus of which my reconstruction is based on. Ih he says thats the way it looked like, then it most certainly is :)
I might have made the legs a bit too shor but I was planning to do another one in the next time anyway
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Maybe a ton less of muscle and fat
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LavaZombieHobbyist General Artist
Minime isn't two meters tall.
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Nice one dude! I have a question why did you removed the queratine spines or ostederms from your dinos?

OFF-TOPIC: Eoabelisaurus first jurassic abelisauroide!
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oh wel, I didnt remove them. I will do them in the future. I just do some with spines and some without. The tyrannotitan I am doing at the moment will have the spines again:)
And thank you very much for the information Eoabelisaurus will be my next dinosaur after tyrannotitan :D
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Oh dude I forgot to said you: Did you see tentacle alien from Prometheus?
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mexicanzillaHobbyist Artist
Well done, but I think it should be taller
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mexicanzillaHobbyist Artist
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Bisschen klein, sonst TOP! :D
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PhantomFox777Hobbyist General Artist
the size is off but the pic is awesome!
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Ummm...isn't Giganotosaurus like HUGE? Even the name says it. That's about the size of an Allosaurus. NOT COMPLAINIG I think it's very cool, but the size is little bit off I think. [link]
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