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Genyodectes serus

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some timeago,another da user wanted that I draw a genyodectes. Itsbeen a while nd I dont know anymore who it was. But now,after several months, here we have a genyodectes, a south american ceraosaurian of the early cretacious. The animal is only known from a disinct incomplete snout. The animal had huge teeth,even for a theropod ,just like ceraosaurus. Genyodectes is believed to have grown up to 6 metres in lenght. I decided to make a small scenery again, here with genyodectes in full pursuit of a prey item while the small pterosaur pterodaustro is flying away panicked.
Next is a little sideproject. I cant tell what it is and it I also cant promise it will work . Its just a sideproject and I plan to do around 5 pics of that series,maybe more, it depends on how the first one will come out. It certainly isnt sth for palaeontologists nor for my model building watchers and it is I think a bit sensible theme but I have seen that other users have drawn such things(dont worry, it isnt sth perverted). But I will explain when the first pic of that,lets call it "miniseries" will be uploaded :)
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Awesome but how big was it?
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6 metres I think, the fossil evidence is too incomplete to determine an exact length
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Thanks a lot I couldn`t find any info on the internet.
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nice one! I especially love the surrounding...something that always kills my own drawings ;)
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Dinosaur is ever awesome! with the exception of Barney
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Cool picture drawing!:)
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OMG this one looks so alive! Very natural and realistic, love it :)
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Nice drawing! Poor guy on the left...
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