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Europasaurus holgeri

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Europasaurus holgeri was a small 6 metre long european brachiosaurid. Probably the smallest of all sauropods , europasaurus is a very special dinosaur, -a miniature sauropod. It ws a palnt eater and lived during the jurassic.
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I've heard Magyarosaurus was even smaller.... but yeah, this was pretty small. One thing, the thumb claws need to be smaller and closer to the ground, this was a pretty conventional brachiosaur and didn't have the huge thumb claws of Bothriospondylus.
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Could you perhaps give me a size of Bothriospondylus's claw? I decided to look it up, and while photos of the hands were everywhere, the claw was not shown in any.
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I could email you the paper... but in any case the thumb claws of Europasaurus were much smaller like a typical brachiosaur. I suggest using Giraffatitan's hand for reference here, not that of Bothriospondylus, as it was NOT a typical brachiosaur hand, and not much like that of Europasaurus. Europasaurus' hands have been found and they are pretty much like those of Giraffatitan: [link]
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No thanks,.;) I didn't mean that I would have used bothriospondylus as a reference, it just peaked my interest when you said that the claws were "huge".;)
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Yeah, they're ginormous. Like big enough to rival the thumb claws of Mamenchisaurus and "Omeisaurus" tianfuensis, which pretty much makes them some of the most extreme sauropod thumb claws known It's weird because other brachiosaurs have very small thumb claws, Bothriospondylus has huge ones AND more phalanges on its other manus digits (those don't have nails though, just more little bones at the end).
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interesting, do you have any idea why the hand was so, ornate compared to other brachiosaurs?
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Don't really know... though I suspect that there may be other brachiosaurs that have ornate hands too, we don't have complete hand material for all of the 20 or so confirmed genera.
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alright, thank you.
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