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Ekrixinatosaurus novasi



An Ekrixinatosaurus has killed a Giganotosaurus. With a length of 11metres,Ekrixinatosaurus was the biggest,baddest and strongest Abelisaurid. Its jaws were unusually strong for an Abelisaurid and it probably was one of south americas superpredators during the cretaceous. It was colossal and had to fear nearly nothing,although it probably had to fight with other giant killers like giganotosaurus and mapusaurus which were slightly bigger. Ekrixinatosaurus was probably strong enough to fight those predators effectly. Here, it killed a Giganotosaurus. Giga was only 2 metres longer than ekrixinatosaurus and had a weaker bite(new discoveries show that many carnosaurs like allosaurus carcharodontosaurus and giganotosaurus had relatevlyweak bites ,only slightly stronger than a lions one). As ekrixinatosaurus´jaws had strong muscles, it could deliver a fatal bite. Its name means lizard that was born out of an explosion becasue its fossils were found during an explosion in a mine.
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So Basically A Mastiff Or Bulldog of its Time