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Ekrixinatosaurus novasi

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An Ekrixinatosaurus has killed a Giganotosaurus. With a length of 11metres,Ekrixinatosaurus was the biggest,baddest and strongest Abelisaurid. Its jaws were unusually strong for an Abelisaurid and it probably was one of south americas superpredators during the cretaceous. It was colossal and had to fear nearly nothing,although it probably had to fight with other giant killers like giganotosaurus and mapusaurus which were slightly bigger. Ekrixinatosaurus was probably strong enough to fight those predators effectly. Here, it killed a Giganotosaurus. Giga was only 2 metres longer than ekrixinatosaurus and had a weaker bite(new discoveries show that many carnosaurs like allosaurus carcharodontosaurus and giganotosaurus had relatevlyweak bites ,only slightly stronger than a lions one). As ekrixinatosaurus´jaws had strong muscles, it could deliver a fatal bite. Its name means lizard that was born out of an explosion becasue its fossils were found during an explosion in a mine.
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Ekrixinatosaurus was far smaller than Giganotosaurus, it was actually smaller than Carnotaurus.
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Nope, it had 11m long man.
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No, it wasn't, Carnotaurus didn't even reach that size and Carnotaurus is larger than Ekrixinatosaurus. The eleven meter estimate is outdated.
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Really , I searched on google the updated information.I feel bad, I really wanted this dinosaur had that size:( (Sad) 
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look at the date this pic was drawn
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Wow, I'd never heard of Ekrixinatosaurus!  What an incredible creature, and an awesome drawing to boot!
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But isn`t giganotosaurus 15 meters long?Anyway great piece I haven`t seen too many ekrixinatosaurus pictures on dA,and this one is awesome.
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The larger specimen (MUCPv-95) is estimated at 13.2 meters.
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Why so many pictures circulating on the internet with a Ekrixinatosaurus who kills a Giganotosaurus? However, beautiful image :)
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Didn't think the Abelis' had it in them.
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its a very interesting dinosaur, I am so intrigued by it!
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i have never seen a drawing where any abelisaur killed a carnosaur. Ekrixinatosaurus is vicious.
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I thought the dinosaur was somewhat raping the dead one...
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:D an abelisaur the size of an elephant is more than a match for Giga. IMO, it's as heavy as a Sri Lankan elephant (E. m. maximus), but only twice as long, about 40 ft. Agree?
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Man everything seams to be huge in south america......even by dino standards haha
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That's some serious competition for other South American superpredators. And that new study revealing abelisaurids were nimble runners, even more frightening!
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Pff... Giga ist der King. -.-
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That's cool, I didn't think there was an Abelisaurid that big. o.o I want to find more info on this guy.
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