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Dunkleosteus terelli the tank fish!

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Dunkleosteus, king of the devonian seas, this mighty placoderm predator is usally protrayed much too big, usually around 10 metres long, thsi animal was probably "only" around 6 metres long which is stillas big as  a modern great white, and with an ever dvilish dentition. Dunkleosteus teeth werent true teeth, more like bony projections that acted like teeth. Like a giant pair of scissors, these teeth like plates could cut through basically any prey it encountered. How exactly its body looked is unclear.   many more recent reconstruction show this fish with lips, I decided not to give it to him, since placoderms were comparatively primitive fish, jaws had just evolved on fish , lips may evolved later and not directly with jaws so thats why i depicted it with no lips....and lets be honest, it wouldnt be dunkleosteus without that gaping mouth and teeth showing :D . Not to say  that  the pics showing it with teeth look bad, it just looks so unusual without its teeth, although some pics get it right, like this here fav.me/d96fhts ,which I think is the best Dunkleosteus I have seen so far....even with lips!
I also went for a much leaner body instead of that bulky lookin version that you usually get. I wanted t give it a muscular, yet swift body, a fast powerful swimmer, ideal for sudden bursts of speeds which is why I oriented yself n a  sharks body in terms of general proportions
Oh, and in germany placoderms are referred to as Panzerfische which literally means tank fish, which is awesome since I love tanks ;)
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Panzerfische literally means armoured fish. Panzer means armour, or armoured.
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Woh!!! Should I compliment or scream in horror first?!
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Absolutly great!
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I love Dunkleosteus's jaws. Great job!
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Ultimate spinosaurus food
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Especially this reconstruction.

Why are they making it so there were no bad-arse predators during the Paleozoic???
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shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
This is the bad-arse predator of its time -.-
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Yeah, I was overreacting when I made this image, mainly because it's 4 meters smaller now.
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shockaLocKerHobbyist General Artist
A lot of predators in food webs aren't always bigger than people, but they were big in ratio with their prey and environment. This Dunkleo ain't whale-sized or anything, but it was still large enough to brag itself as the big bad fish of its time.

I guess.
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Lool ! :D

Actually there were supposed to be... But an extinction 'event' ruined all :oops:
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Name me a few other than Dimetrodon, Ophiacodon, Anteosaurus, Inostrancevia, Leogorgon, Helicoprion, and Parahelicoprion.
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Some of them were Both large AND Venomous allthrought :o
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Ichibengops probably wasn't an apex predator.

More REAL ones.
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ScaledOneHobbyist General Artist
Most badass picture of the new reconstitution I have seen so far, awesome job !
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TraheripteryxHobbyist General Artist
Crunchy! :D
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freut mich das er dir gefällt :D
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BlackAdroStudent General Artist
omg :squee: 
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What bit it?
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dunno, maybe another dunkleosteus
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Let's have a moment of the silence for the once-mighty predator of the Devonian.
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