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Dryptosaurus aquilunguis

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Dryptosaurus, the tearing lizard, infamously known as laelaps, is a genus of Tyrannosauroid. Dryptosaurus is one of the first described tyrannosaurs and lived in North ameica. Its hand carried a huge thumb claw and it has been suggested that it might used that claw to attack ankylosaurs by hammering this claw between the armoured and unarmoured part of the body. Don t know if its true, but I read it somewhere. Dryptosaurus was around 7-8 metres long, a quite big tyrannosauroid.
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StoormtroopaHobbyist Traditional Artist
It ate his head!
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PaleoJoeStudent Digital Artist
Will you do Alectrosaurus?
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yep, I think I will try one after labocania which is next
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PaleoJoeStudent Digital Artist
You did Deinodon wich is a likely synonym of Albertosaurus and/or Gorgosaurus so why not. O and AWESOME drawing of the first Tyrannosaurid described in the Americas.
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very cool, the patterns are nice
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KristenMashHobbyist Traditional Artist
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herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work as usual! :wow:
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PeteriDishHobbyist General Artist
here comes my favourite tyrannosauroid! =)
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Good specie! You will make Diplotomodon? Another east side tyrannosauroid
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dont know, I personally think Diplotomodo´n is just a synonym of gorgosaurus, but maybe I will do one.
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