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Dino Duels: Sinotyrannus vs Yutyrannus



Early Creatasous, china: A yutyrannus huali,a giant,feathered tyrannosauroid wakes up,only to see the open jaws of a huge Sinotyrannus kazuoensis, another tyrannosauroid which is even bigger than yutyrannus itself!
The Yutyrannus tries to get up, but the sinotyrannus is already in attacking position.

Both animals are tyrannosaurs, but sinotyrannus was maybe 1 metre longer than yutyrannus.
Both animals lived in china around the same time.
I planned this since one week after the announcement of yutyrannus. Why? Because it is not only an awesome fight between two awesome dinosaurs(and I am also the first one to make such a fight), but also because sinotyrannus is such a poorly known to the public,while yutyrannus dicovery caused a huge media response. So I want to make sinotyrannus more popular, because it is just as awesome as yutyrannus !

The Sinotyrannus is based on Hadari Nundu´s awesome pic of sinotyrannus[link]
Thanks that you allowed me to use your pic as reference hodari :D
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I vote Sinotyrannys!
He is bigger and has those long powerful arms.;)