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Dino Duels: Metriacanthosaurus vs Altispinax

M y first pictures of the new series Dino duels : Here Metriacanthosaurus, one of the coolest dinosaurs and also one of the biggest british theropods has killed altispinax dunkeri another average sized predator. Both animals were probably the same strong so its50:50 who wins: Here the metricanthosaurus is the winner!
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Can you do Velociraptor vs Protoceratops?
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are all the dino duels creatures from the same place
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I try to keep it that way, I want dino duels that could have taken place in reality :)
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is Metriacanthosaurus your favorite Dinosaur
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no t rex is my fav but Metri is also awesome :)
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Looking very very cool, the concept of Dino Duels is very cool and I'm looking forward to seeing dinosaur matchups that are different from the usual ones people think about.
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yeah, I plan mayn duels and also I will include species that arent very weell known like edmarka, a huge megalosaurid. I think i will do torvosaurus vs edmarks ;)
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Sounds like a good match-up. I'm planning on having a Torvosaurus in the expanded Jurassic Park project I've been working on with ghansen89 for the past month and a half. Both you and HodariNundu have been very big inspirations to both me and ghansen89 during the course of coming up with ideas for this expanded Jurassic Park. Check out the first two animals out of over 30+ we and ghansen have planned, we've got a Zhuchengtyrannus magnus and Purussaurus completed so far.
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wow these two animals are awesome, I also wanted to make a zhuchengtyrannus but I havent any paper left at the moment :(
However thanks for the compliment ,its cool to be an inspiration to other artists. :D
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You've done one Zuchengtyrannus magnus which was very great, and another jurassic park version to contrast hellraptors and ghansens would be cool. Your expanded Jurassic Park looks awesome and we looked it to for some inspiration in our choices of animals,
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Einfach geil, du bist ein super Zeichner!
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