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Daxiatitan binglingi

Daxiatitan is an asian titanosauriform with a huge neck. Only some vertebra, a tigh bone and the shoulderblade has been found, leaving some speculation of what the rest of the animal looked like.
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It's absolutly well done ! :clap:
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Nice detail, though this looks more like a recycled Puertasaurus than a real Daxiatitan.

In euhelopodids the neck and shoulders should follow a continuous line, no humps or dips. The back is very steep in Euhelopus, and probably was the same in Daxiatitan, so then the neck would be more vertical than this. And the snout was more pointed near the tip in Euhelopodidae, as well as the teeth being longer. Also to my knowledge no euhelopodid has been found with large armor scutes, and I doubt that they had them, seeing as this doesn't pop up in basal titanosaurs either.

In your defense the shading and the sense of colossal size is very good. :D
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do you think that this looks more like a ruyangosaurus?
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