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Daspletosaurus torosus

Daspletosaurus, in allits glory, this mighty beast was the top predator of its time and era and wasprobably the direct ancestor fo t-rex. Daspletosaurus was up to 9 metres long with a weight estimated as probably 2,5 tonnes. Its teeth were huge, even for tyrannosaur standard they were very large. It had however much less teeth than other tyrannosaurs like t rex. It lived together woth gorgosaurus another tyrannosaurid
This is my best image of a tyrannosaur so far and one of my best pics ever, its the remake of this
and unlik last time when i needed 3 attempts to get it right, here it looks perfect immediately.
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Love the work you made on this one and that you made it possible to see how big it is :) Details and shading is excellent! :D
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This is awesome! I really like the heftyness of the animal.
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A maned Daspletosaurus is awesome and I am aware that unamed specie of Daspletsaur is also found in new mexico include not just in Kirtland formation were Bistahieversor, but it was found in Fruitland formation before Bistahieversor appear.^^
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yes youre right, i´ve also read that there are undescribed species of daspetosaurus :D
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Amazing work! Love your shading and the anatomy here, it looks powerful!
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Es una de mi favoritos del tyrannosaurios
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Excellent! I think this might be your best picture here.
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i think so too, thanks :)
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"It is pretty cool"

But i don't like the "shrink wrapped and thats why we can see the holes of the skull" think since the All Yesterdays

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