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Daemonosaurtus is a new discovered Theropod from North America. His bucked teeth are unique and only the cretaceous Masiakasaurus had such teeth too.Daemonosaurus however lived much more earlier than Masiakasaurus, in the late triassic and he was found in Ghost Ranch, the same famous place were the coelophysis bone bed is. Daemonosaurus cauliodus was 1,5 metres long and his name means demon lizard
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This is`nt a Dromeosaur, but it is an early dino, all Dromeosaurs had sycle-like-clawed middle toes.
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ich glaub nicht das theropoden federn hatten, wir fanden schuppenaddrücke die genau das gegenteil zeigen, nur coelurosaurier hatten federn
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sind Therizinosaurier auch Coelurosaurier. Von denen weiß man sie hatten federn-zumindest bis zuner Größe von 2,5 metern denn so groß ist beipiaosaurus der größte saurier der bisher mit einem federkleid entdeckt wurde. Also scheint es wahrscheinlich das zumindest diese Saurier ein Federkleid hatten. Sicherlich werden die ganz großen theropoden keine oder nur ganz vereinzelt(proto-)federn/haare gehabt haben und die ganz frühen kleinen Theropoden wie coelophysis wohl auch nicht. In Falle von daemonosaurus fand ichs eben cooler ihn mit federn zu machen um ihn wilder und dämonischer aussehen zu lassen.
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I'm guessing this was related to Dromosaurus.
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If think you mean Dromaeosaurus. So far I know it was a very early dinosaur so the exat status in which family it belongs is uncertain.
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I think it is regarded as a basal theropods. It's closely related to Eoraptor.
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Eoraptor? I think its more related to eodromaeus because Eoraptor is now believed to be a basal ancestorof the sauropods
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I dunno. I'm not really sure on Daemonosaurus. I think they established it as a midway, or something. Don't quote me on that. :P
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Oh my bad. ^^;

Yeah I only think it is because it has feathers and all dromaeosaurus had feathers.
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Yeah we dont iknow if he had feathers I drew thm to make him look more wild, more demon like because of his name. Its possible that he had some hairs or fathers but we dont know
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