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Cryptid Profiles 01: Ogopogo

Oh yes guys, it is time!!!
Those of you who follow me since the beginning will know that I started here on DA with a mix ofdinosaur and cryptozoology art. It was once my 2nd most numerous category in my gallery. Over the years however I virtually stopped doing cryptozoology art,with just some drawing here and there. I know that there are some of you that have waited long and patiently for my return to producing these kinds of drawings. And after finally finding new motivation to do so I want to present you with a new, long term project on this gallery: Cryptid Profiles!
But first things first, you wanna know what started the fire again?
You guys know the by now old series Monsterquest? Let me tell you, around the early2010s I was obsessed with this show. To this day, I think its the best cryptozoology related program that ever aired. I love the way its presented and the animations, while certainly not up to date, have a lot of character, the show just brings me back to the early days here on this site. Not to mention in 2020 HistoryChannel revived the series which I find super cool. I´d highly recommend givng it  a whatch if you are interested in this kinda topic.

Anyways: what will Cryptid Profiles be about? Well exactly what it means, infographics about some of the worlds most interesting hidden creatures,presented in my usual art style with basic information about sightings, where to find it and distinctive features. And this time I´ll try to expand beyond the usua lcandidates I draw , lookin at you chupacabra and jersey devil.
As many of you know my rather sporadic changes in priorities,I cant promise how often these will come around especially since I also need to finish other sideprojects like the giant shark series, I do however plan this to be a continuous and long term project

Anyways, our first contender is Ogopogo, a very famous lake monster I have drawn only once and that for some reason seems to be one of my most popular cryptid drawings,to this day I get requests  from people asking if they can use the drawing in their videos.
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I live near the area, and I grew up knowing of the Ogopogo before the Loch Ness, so this is cool to see, nice work!

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Though when are they going to do those other DNA tests with the other lakes that have alleged monsters, like they did for Loch Ness?

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what a fun name :D

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I'm super stoked about seeing this series grow, and love that you started with the Ogopogo! You did an amazing job rendering the textures.

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Cool !!!!😃👍

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ooh, interesting fellow.

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