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Cristatusaurus Lapparenti



Finally something new: Cristatusaurus lapparenti, have already done 1 or 2 reonstructions of this animal but they are pretty old and dont represent my current style of drawing dinosaurus. This MIGHT be  part of a new series: The spinosaur project, running along the tyrannosaur project(for which i plan timurlengia ass the next drawing), I already have a good looking spinosaurus for that, a good enough sigilmassasaurus and the other ones will be easy to draw as well(for some reason spinosaurs are very very easy to draw for me). However you know me, I say i do a new project and in the end nothin comes out of it, so dont take it for granted ;)
Cristatusaurus isn a fairly poorly known spinosaur, maybe it is the same anial as suchomimus as  its fossils were found in the same region and it comes from the same time period than its much more popular brother. Only jaw fragments and I think a claw are known from this animal
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That's one big fish.