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Concavenator corcovatus

Concavenator the hunter from cuenca, is a relatively small carcharodontosaurid when compared to his giant cousins giganotosaurus and carcharodontosaurus. It represents the smalles member of the carcharodontosauridae so far and is probably the most unique one as it has a big hump on its back right over the hips. It was 6 metres long and had razor sharp teeth ideal for cutting through meat. The bipedal predator is known from an almost complete skeleton which comes from spain.
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honestly... this is one of the scariest theropod designs i've ever seen.. that moth wing eyespot on the sail just gives it that extra creep factor
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One of my favorite species =) And a magnificient art, I love your style of drawing !
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i guess mother mature was like," im bored, ill give this carcharosdontosaurid a shark fin tee hee
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Weird animal, beautiful work as always
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this species is wierd obviously because of the hump or sail on its back but also because of the quill nubs on its forearms. a carcharadontosaur with quills or feathers on its arms... that's strange
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It was a lego dino with the Ichthyovenator XD
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Btw, great pic ^^
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Echt geile Arbeit! ;D
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It looks like some sort of two-legged camel.
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There is no cooler looking predator than a carcharodontosaur with a sail.
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indeed. the carnegie collection is even coming out with a Concavenator figure this year.
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Super Sache, Grafik und Zeichnung harmonieren sehr gut :thumbsup:
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vieloen dank :bow:, immer wieder schön das von dir zu hören :D
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Immer wieder schön solche Bilder bei dir zu finden =)
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woaaaaaa I have never seen this dinosaur before....
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