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Buitreraptor gonzalezorum

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Buitreraptor is a genus of small unenlagine dromaeosaurid from south america. Unenlagiinae were strange dromaeosaurs, with elongated heads, and very small sickle claws, not much bigger than the foot claws. Buitreraptor is the smallest unenlagiinae, the other 2 members are unenlagia itself, which is 2 metres long and Austroraptor, which is the biggest member and also one of the biggest dromaeosaurs. Buitreraptor had very long thin jaws, filled with small teeth, it is thought that unenlagiinae were fish eaters, so they are kinda like spinosaur-raptors. Here you see a buitreraptor preying on a fish
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Buitreraptor: Got me fish!
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So can the raptor fly?
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Ist echt gut geworden!
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Very nice work, I'm seeing some definite improvement. :)
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i like this depiction. i usually envision Buitreraptor as a snake eater, but this seems to suit it much better.
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maybe it did both from time to time
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perhaps. there were as i recall reading, many snake fossils found in the same area.
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Wie ich sehe werden deine Federn auch immer besser :thumbsup:
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eigentlich war das nur ein test, vielen dank :D
ich wollte mal was neues ausprobierne als die"fellfedern" die ich sonst immer zeichne. ich weiß noch nich ob ich die federn weiterhin osmachen werde, ich hab auch versucht eides zu kombinieren, also erst die fellfedern und dann ne "schicht" von den federn obendrüber(sieht man im halsbereich von dem buitreraptor)
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Ah ja, das stimmt, da ist es anders =)
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They should call them buitreraptoridae or something, since Unenlagia is only known from sparse parts, but that's just me. Or austroraptorines, since they all lived in Austral lands. Just saying. Buitreraptor is one of my favorite animals. You did an amazing job here.
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thank you, well I personally like the name unenlagiinae-dunno why, it just sounds cool XD
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It's cute, I even have a zoid called 'Unenlagia' when it obviously is something else. It's just a weird nam, and given how long ago this animal was named, new discoveries are happening.
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I think when spinosaurs died out from south america, their place was taken over the unenlagin raptors like the Austroraptor or this
Not really. Spinosaurs targeted much larger fish in much deeper water.
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