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Bruhathkayosaurus matleyi



Bruhathkayosaurus from india, may has been the biggest animal ever to walked the earth. The animal maybe had a weight of over 100 tons. Only partial skeleton is known, and needs some more description,before the size can be measured correctly. However,its clear that the animal was HUGE. Here the gigantic titanosaur walks near a river. A crocodile lies on the sand to take a sunbath. A small jubbulpuria searches for insects on an old tree stump. The Abelisaurid Rajasaurus can also be seen in the backround.
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Hey it has the same second name as Indosaurus has. Would be interesting if this dinosaur really existed, same with Amphicoelias fragilimus, but to be honest I want Puertasaurus reuili to be the largest (and / or) tallest sauropod.