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Bonapartenykus ultimus

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Bonapartenykus, a new genus of alvarezsaurid describen in 2012. Please no comments about that alvarezsaurs were feahtered, I know they probably were, my picture is based on how vultures look.
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Reminds me of a turkey, lol
Awesome coloration and rendering.
GreenMacawStudios's avatar
deine bilder werden immer realistischer O.o
irgendwann sehen sie aus wie photos ^^
malevouvenator's avatar
Based on an egyptian vulture?
You used pastel technic or pencil?
Teratophoneus's avatar
Dont know, I just oriented on a generic vulture,you know naked head, feathered body, I hadnt any specific vulture in mind :)
I coloured it with coloured pencils
dinosaurusbrazil's avatar
Nice work, where Bonapartertenykus have been found? France?
Teratophoneus's avatar
nope, from south aamerica. It isnt name after napoleon, but after jose bonaparte, a palaeontologist :)
dinosaurusbrazil's avatar
Wow, I mede a mistake.
Well, I will draw it later for my project.
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