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Bonapartenykus ultimus

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Bonapartenykus ultimus is a newly described alvareszsaurid. Like all of them, it had only one thick arm claw. It was a small and agile theropod. Its so far a nomen nudum because it isnt fully described yet
This is the first picture ever of Bonapartenykus and the first one on DA :D
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very cool first one there is on DA
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Me again. I searched everywhere i could but you are right. i believe you are correct. I think you actually have the first artist's concept of this creature.
A congratulations is in order xD
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thank you very very much :D
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You should find out how to make it an official artist's conception of what it would look like, and get it published in books and web, and perhaps make a bit of $$.
food for thought.
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Hmm... so that makes you a pioneer, huh? That's pretty awesome. :D
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thank you , yes some kind of pioneer for bonapartenykus XD
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if it's the first ever... how'd you know what it looks like? lol
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based on other alvarezsaurids
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indeed. I like the mixture of fur and feathers.
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Those are, in fact, furlike protofeathers covering the animal's body. Fur is a trait exclusive to mammals and mammal-like reptiles. Anyways, I like this drawing as well. Good job!
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thank you. I am working in the moment on a new bonapartenykus, this time a coloured head study.
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