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Bahariasaurus ingens

Bahariasaurus ingens was a huge african theropod, estimated to have reached a size of 12 metres in lengh and a weight of several tons. Despite its size, it was an unbelievable fast runner, showing the same long legs as deltadromeus who is thought by some scientists to be synonymous with bahariasaurus. Originally described by german palaeontologist ernst stromer in 1934, the fossils were destroyed in 1944, during a night bomb run of allied bombers, along with the fossils of carcharodontosaurus spinosaurus and aegyptosaurus. Only Carcharodontosaurus and some fragmentary fossils of spinosaurus were found after this , the other dinosaurs are still phantoms, though some think that deltadromeus is the same as bahariasaurus. Its name means Baharija lizard. It wasa late survi9ving ceratosaur, a group of dinosaurs with horns on their heads, they were also the ancestors of the abelisaurids. However it is said that bahariasaurus and deltadromeus were primitive ceratosaurs, but in my opinion, they were very high developed, because they lived much later than their other cousins, except the abelisaurids which evolved in the cretaceous. Bahariasaurus was huge, competing with carcharodontosaurus and spinosaurus in the cretaceous period.
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This is one of my favorite dinosaurs. It is such an amazing creature one can baerly imagine it. So large yet so fast and agile. 
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Please submit this to the 'Ceratosauria Family" folder as well please :aww:

Great job on this by the way :lol: