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Bahariasaurus ingens

Bahariasaurus ingens was a huge african theropod of the middle cretaceous. It was approxmatly 12 meters long and weight 3 tons. Like his cousin Deltadromeus , Bahariasaurus had very long legs, making it a very fast dinosaur. The incomplete holotype, found by German palaeontologist Ernst Stromer and described in1934, was destroyed in 1944 during the second world war, as allied bombers destroyed the museum that also stored the bones of aegyptosaurus, carcharodontosaurus and spinosaurus. Since then, no complete skeleton was found of Bahariasaurus although some palaeontologists think its synonymous with Deltadromeus. Bahariasaurs was found in the so called oasis Baharija, what explains his name Baharija lizard. Bahariasaurs was a probably a very agile hunter that could run at high speed. Like Deltadromeus its considered to be a late surviving and highly adapted ceratosaurid, although the status of bahariasaurus and deltadromeus is uncertain. Theories that Bahariasarus and Deltadromeus were herbivourus were 1. april hoaxes as well as a new found feathered Bahariasaur from china. No complete skull was found, either of Bahariasaurs and deltadromeus so the skull shape is unknown but it is mostly shown as in my picture with a long snout and little horns in front of the eyebrows. However a new discovery from Brazil may help to clear the situation , as a new bahariasaurus-type dinosaur has been found there.
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I like how you put Proto-Feather's like hair...

On the other hand it could grow as large as 13M ! Its equal size of Tyrannosaurus; but not Overrated even highly unknown underrated species....

At least this one has decent Claws ! :D
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FANTASTIC amount of detail, every scale has been put in place! Fabulous!
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BTW, I realized. You seem to be making the heads of all your dinosaurs incredibly skin tight. The skin shouldn't be indenting when it goes through the antorbital fenestra, and you should be able to notice the inferior temporal fenestra.
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the anorbal fenestra makes the skull lighter. It hasnt so many muscles like ozher perts of the skull. So I always make the skin a little bit indenting to show this. Many palaeo arists do it this way. Fact is, that we dont know it exactly;the only dinosaur where we have some parts of the face skin is Carnotaurus, so we dont know it exactly how the skin on the skull looked on every dinosaur
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Dude your vision reminds me a mix between a carnosaur and a noasaurid, but from which family is this monster?
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