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Australovenator wintonensis



Australovenator is a big carnivorous dinosaur from australia and beside muttaburrasaurus probabl australias most popular dinosaur. This ferocious hunter belongs to the neovenatoridae, a subfamily of the Allosauroids. Neovenatorids have another subgroup called Megaraptora, dinosaurs with huge handclaws, and Australovenator was a member of this subgroup. Australovenator had huge thumb claws, they were used for ripping its prey apart . It is one of Australias biggest predators, only the elusive rapator and undescribed material from a dinosaur called the ridge ripper indicate that even bigger theropods once roamed australia.
The head was restored after this pic [link] made by 2195Razielim [link]
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"...huge thumb claws, they were used for ripping its prey apart."

Uhh...I feel rather doubtful on that. Wouldn't it make more sense to kill/dismember with the jaws/teeth (they tend to be the main killing apparatuses of theropods, and Australovenator's teeth seem perfectly adapted to slice, lacerate, tear, and dismember)? I'm sort of skeptical of the manual unguals being the actual main killing tools, even if they're particularly large and are portions of some pretty strong, beefy forelimbs (although I will say this: if they managed to puncture a vital area such as a lung, heart, or throat, it will undeniably be life threatening/fatal).

Edit: I just remembered Australovenator is a megaraptoran which apparently have (or at least what I've read for Megaraptor) sharp ventral edges on their claws (or at least the digit I manual ungual). I'll concede that they'll be better at cutting/lacerating, although I'm still skeptical of them being THE main killing tools.