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Atrociraptor marshalli

Infographic of one of my favourite raptors: Atrociraptor, the savage robber from North America. As you probebly noticed, I used my old feather style, thats because I like it more that way and because it is my own style, the feather style of my buitreraptor and unenlagia seems to be used by many artists, and so I wanted to use my other style again because I developed that style on my own over the years.
Atrociraptor is a quite unique raptor, you could call it the "short faced raptor", because of its relatively blunt short snout.
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"Fuu-, that thing could go toe to toe with a T. Rex! ...oh wait nevermind." XD
Nice. :)
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O_O sweet raptor Jesus!! that thing is hu-wait...*sees the black silhouettes* guessing that ones right size.
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I thought you drew the big one to scale at first. I was expecting a big essay on how the fossil was a juvenile.
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I wonder if he could have attacked small dinosaurs , in that case would it be a Troodon's rival ?
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there were other dinosaurs of that size in that region, for example saurornitholestes. It seems that they somehow coexisted. i could think of that of all those small theropods, atrociraptor preferred maybe bigger prey , because of its short head which could indicate that it has a more powerful bite than other dinosaurs of its size
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this is the only raptor i know of that lives alongside tyrannosaurus itself. tyrannosaur babies seem to have driven out most of the raptors and troodonts, they were so numerous.
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Coolio. Is Utahraptor in the subdivison of dromesaurs as this guy?
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Ach so! Ich hab schon gedacht der ist so übermäßig groß! xD
Egal, schöne Arbeit! ;)
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Oh man for a minute before I ended up seeng the black figure of the Raptor. How thought the Raptor was T-Rex sized.
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haha lo, that would be awesome, a t rex sized raptor XD
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Yeah it would be. =)
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