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Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis



I have now nearly finished the tyrannosauroids, (bagaraatan is still missing although I dont know if I should include it as it isnt sure if it is a tyrannosauroid, it might be a maniraptoran instead. Also I will might do that Zuni basin tyrannosaur which hasnt got a name yet), this means we can now come to the really big guys . But before there is still one that I have long waited to make: Appalachiosaurus, a relatively big trannosauroid, about in the same size range as gorgosaurus. Appalachiosaurus is known from an incomplete skeleton of a juvenile,already 7 metres long. An adult was therefore probably even bigger. Appalachiosaurus was a carnivore with a big skull filled with sharp teeth inside a powerful jaw. No arms where found and it has been suggested that it might had ver long arms, but I prefer the short armed version. I also added some feathers and quills. Appalachiosaurus was first classified as an albertosaurine tyrannosaurid but studies showed that it was a more basasl member outside the tyrannosauridae.
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I prefere the long-armed version but this is still pretty cool.