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Andesaurus delgadoi



Andesaurus ,a titanosaurid from south america.
Based on Paleo-King s Andesaurus[link]
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Thanks for the plug :) Good work, looks like a basal titanosaur with a nice big-nosed head. The head looks a lot like my Andesaurus, which is nice... but that's about where the similarities seem to end.

A few corrections: the neck is strangely thinner in the middle than at the front. Not normal for ANY sauropod. :o
And the rear-slant of the neck wrinkles indicates an outward squatness like my Puertasaurus (which is NOT how Andesaurus' and other basal titanosaurs' necks should be restored! Puertasaurus was a VERY specialized late-stage lognkosaur with some very weird vertebrae)... The thumb claws should point inward, not forward (John Sibbick and his various nameless imitators often made the same error), the wrist and hand is a bit too thick, and the hindlegs, ankles and feet are too thin... You should not be able to see the back of the ankle poking out like that, I don't see much of a heel pad to cushion the foot. Also I doubt that Andesaurus had armor, or at least such large armor... and the Puertasaurus-inspired side row of scutes (once again based on my work: [link]) doesn't look believable on EVERY single titanosaur, especially not the most basal ones.

The main warning here: beware of my Puertasaurus' influence! :D It should not be universal for every titanosaur, even if you do give me proper credit for it. Not every titanosaur looked like Puertasaurus, in fact even some members of its own family looked quite different - for example I wouldn't dream of restoring Mendozasaurus and Futalognkosaurus with the same neck design as Puertasaurus, even though all three animals are closely related. Puertasaurus was highly specialized and downright WEIRD, even for a lognkosaur, and was one of the LAST dinosaurs on the scene in Argentina. Andesaurus is far older, and everything about it that we know, is far more primitive and generalized. So even though we don't have its neck, that was probably more primitive and basic too.