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Andalgalornis steulleti



Andalgalornis is a prehsitoric terror bird, a family of large, predatory terrestrial brid that once ruled South america and parts of North america. Terror birds were very successful and competed with sabre toothed cats and other mammalian predators. Andalgalornis was one of the smaller genuses of Terror birds, standing "only" 1,5 metres tall it still was a pretty big bird for modern standard. Andalgalornis is known from an incomplete skeleton and  its skull was made for striking prey rather than  shaking it to death. It basically used its head like a  abttle axe, striking down on vital parts of its prey. It also was a very fast runner. It was also a lot lighter built than bigger terror birds like brontornis and it looked a lot leaner than it big brothers. Many pics show this animal with a comparatively stretched body,especially on the tail. I tried to conceal that with a large feather fan on its tail which looks quite nice .

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