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Amphicoelias fragillimus

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If existed, this animal was the longest and one of the biggest dinosaurs ever to walked the earth. This diplodocoid animal was maybe up to 60 metres long(!) and was described by edward drinker cope in 1878. Two species are known, A. fragillimus and A. altus. The animal was a herbivore and the only material found of A. fragillimus were some massive vertebra and limb bones.These fragile fossils(hence its species name fragillimus) were so fragile that they didnt make the way to the museum as the terrain they were transported was very stony. At the time the bones arrived ,they were reduced to dust.
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WhispererOfDragonsHobbyist Traditional Artist
This creature was bigger in size than a blue whale!A blue whale is 30-32 metres long,omg!
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Taitloo-RHobbyist Digital Artist
He is the king of the dinosaurs! XD
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 Bruhathkayosaurus was likely heavier.
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Imagine how impressive that thing's skull would be.

You've actually restored it as well over 60 metres long. The end of the tail that you drew curled forward still has to be counted as part of the total length!
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Nope I didnt. The measurements were taken with the tail beeing held straight. I just curved it becasue it wouldnt fit on the paper otherwise. :)
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Then your scale bars are often misleading.
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How should I do them ? I cant make them curved...XD
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If you can't fit a 60 m scale bar on your page, you don't need a 60 m scale bar. We already know that the dinosaur is 60 m long from the text. If you really want to draw a horizontal scale bar, just make sure it is scaled exactly to your vertical scale bar, and however many metres that ends up being is fine.
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DinoPlanetHobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice! Wow, the fossils were THAT fragile?? What, were they fossilized from sandstone or something?
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Nicely done; I like the skin patterns.
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