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Altispinax dunkeri

Altispinax dunkeri is a very dbiou genus of carnivorous dinosaur from europe. It is thought to have reached a length of 8 metres and a weight of 1,5 tons. The theropod had a hump or sail on its back like becklespinax. Some of the altispinax bones are actually becklespinax bones.
Here it feeds on a sauropod.
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Wasn't the remains thought to be altispinax really turn out to be Becklespinax.
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You should put some more sharp dermal spikes along the front of the hump, so combined with the ones on the neck they form "toothy jaws" to go with the "eye spot"!
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haha, the idea is cool, a dinosaur with a shark mouth on its back XD. I usually do the spikes on the whole back ,but I wnt to put in some differences between my theropods, that why I sometimes make them only on the neck,and in some others on the whole body.
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You're so amazing and creative with dinosaurs!

I reallly admire your work!
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I'm diggin' the bullseye on his hump! Ha!
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And I thought I new enough about dinosaurs to get by, this chap is something else! Never even heard of him, keep up the good work! I'm learning a lot from you (And Im taking a Palaeontology degree)
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