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Alectrosaurus olseni

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Alectrosaurus olsenis is a genus of relatively small (5 metre long) tyrannosaurid. It belongs to the albertosaurine tribe of the tyrannosauridae and is the smallest albertosaurine . It lived in asia and lived together with the bigger tyrannosaurs alioramus and Tarbosaurus.
And yes , it was THAT small !
Still it was probably a verocius carnivore, not as big as the other tyrannosaurs it shared its environment with but much more agile and faster.
Note: I am not very satisfied with this version so I will probably will make a new one.
Note 2 : after all tyrannosaur sare finished, I will make a chart with all of them

Nextone: Yutyrannus
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5 meters long,and 1.8 meters tall is big when you're staring it down.
Alextrosaurus's avatar
The ferocious cutie of which my username originates<3
By the way, wonderful job! The best drawing i've seen if him c:
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I'm fairly certain the known material of this animal isn't enough to conclusively place it within Tyrannosauridae, let alone Albertosaurinae. Personally, I'd clarify that it's position within Albertosaurinae is a speculative assumption.
Gralegio's avatar
What can I say? Great work on what's quickly become one of my favorite dinosaurs. :D
sketcherjak's avatar
His poofy legs give me a case of the giggles! Awesome.
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so this is what it might look like sure looks better then fossil fighters
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I thought this was bigger. Watching Planet Dinosaur makes me think Gigantoraptor wasnt very tall. And what about horns? If you restoration is correct, the alectrosaurus in Planet Dinosaur is an albertosaurus.
Teratophoneus's avatar
well it seems that it was very small, and if you look carefully, you will see that my one has horns too. a complete skull was never found,only some skull elements, so we arent sure if it had horns. :)
DinoKing22's avatar
wow, I never really knew it was that sized.....there where oviraptors that size or bigger in the area i believe no? great job as always by the way
TheComicCreator's avatar
Small- juuuuuust the right height to lunge at the throat of the average-heighted man. :O
dinosaurusbrazil's avatar
I was going to ask you about this one...
PeteriDish's avatar
again a really amazing work! the scales are amazing! =)
Teratophoneus's avatar
thank ou very very much :D
PeteriDish's avatar
you're welcome! =)
JurassicMedia's avatar
Der Raptor der Tyrannosauriern!
Teratophoneus's avatar
nee, der raptor unter den tyrannosauriern ist raptorex XD
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