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Alectrosaurus olseni



Alectrosaurus olsenis is a genus of relatively small (5 metre long) tyrannosaurid. It belongs to the albertosaurine tribe of the tyrannosauridae and is the smallest albertosaurine . It lived in asia and lived together with the bigger tyrannosaurs alioramus and Tarbosaurus.
And yes , it was THAT small !
Still it was probably a verocius carnivore, not as big as the other tyrannosaurs it shared its environment with but much more agile and faster.
Note: I am not very satisfied with this version so I will probably will make a new one.
Note 2 : after all tyrannosaur sare finished, I will make a chart with all of them

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5 meters long,and 1.8 meters tall is big when you're staring it down.